Thursday - live performance


Join us for an extraordinary musical event at Chaton!

We invite you to an unforgettable evening in the company of friends, family or your partner. The unforgettable atmosphere of this place will make every private and business meeting exceptional.

November 23rd,


Start at 7:00 PM

Foksal 19 Street, Warsaw

The well-known and beloved Hermès Karel will perform – an artist who can enchant with a diversity of musical styles. His music is a fusion of jazz, romance, and funk. He performed for 5 years at the renowned Reduta Jazz Club in Prague. But that’s not all! This artist has also sung at Stade de France during national competitions in France and on the stage of Casino de France in Paris. Currently, he is the official resident artist at Chaton Warsaw.

The combination of exquisite cuisine with a phenomenal live performance is the recipe for unforgettable moments.  Enjoy in the exquisite flavors of a signature menu.


Table reservations: Call: +48 532 475 889





19:00- 23:00